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Recessed Electric Fireplace

Looking for a fireplace that is even thinner than this one? Don't look anywhere than our Recessed electric fireplace, this fireplace is even smaller than the other two options and is still roomy enough to tailor anyone and their group of friends. Plus, the thinness of 39 inch Recessed electric fireplace makes it top-of-the-line for small spaces like your home one could also use it for a small family, our fireplace is likewise lightweight so it can be moved around any room with ease.

Heater Wall Mounted & In Wall

30" 36" 40" 50" 60"



Recessed Insert Or Wall Mounted Standing Electric Heater

Polar Aurora 50 inch Recessed

By Polar Aurora


Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Looking for an innovative and unique electric fireplace that will make your home more private and your guests? Don't look anywhere than the Recessed wall mounted electric fireplace, this fireplace is terrific for people who are scouring for a basic to adopt and efficient fireplace that is further very small and low noise. With a lightweight and quiet design, 50''electric fireplace is practical for any room in your home, this is a Recessed wall electric fireplace that we can use for your fireplace. It provides an 9 flame colors and is produced of durable plastic, it is furthermore covered by a three year warranty. This infrared quartz fireplace insert is top-rated for shoppers who desire the eco-friendly surrogate of in wall Recessed electric fireplace, this device is developed in collaboration with one of the best in the market, the sls electric fireplace. With 60" electric fireplace is insert, you can enjoy the cold smoke and heat of a real electric fireplace while using the comfort of in wall Recessed electric fireplace, this panasonic electric fireplace is sensational for folks who desire to fire up the fireplace and enjoy a cold drink or drink of water. The 40 1500 w Recessed wall mount fireplace electric insert heater multi flames features an electric fireplace that can be attached to ai-glass or metal frame, and can be used as a firewood or heating element for your home, this electric fireplace is top-of-the-line for shoppers who covet to make the most of their fireplace and make it look and feel like it smells like christmas.