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Electric Fireplace Controls

This electric fireplace control is a cool piece of art that can be placed anywhere in your home invasion! It imparts an 60 s inspired style and is produced of durable materials that will last for years! With a white flame remote, electric 22" fireplace is top-of-the-heap for an unique home invasion.

Insert Heater Adjust Log Led Flame Home

26" Wall Mount 1400W Electric

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Recessed Insert Or Wall Mounted Standing Electric Heater

Cheap Electric Fireplace Controls

Are you wanting for an electric fireplace that is recessed or wall mounted? Then you may want to look into the options below, are you digging for a fireplace that can receive light in a small room or an entire house? Then you may want to look into the 50 electric heater recessed or these fireplaces are designed to receive light in small rooms or entire houses, so you can finally get some light at the end of a long, long night. The electric fireplace Controls are embedded in the glass view log, these Controls can be used to control the heat in the fireplace, as well as to monitor the fire in the home. The timer can be used to leave the fire burning for a set time, or to control the heat if the fire is not flame-ready, the keypad control can also be used to coach people on how to start a fire. This electric fireplace Controls is an unequaled addition to your home and can easily be integrated into your home's entered or home's appearance, the electric fireplace Controls are glass electric fireplace wall mount and will allow you to control your electric fireplace by your remote 25 x 20 inch 1500 the control can be used on or outside of your home's entered. This electric fireplace control is for the model chf-1, it is a recessed wall mount and can be used with a remote control to set the fire to go out. The fire will go out if it is not set to the pre-set fire time, the control can also be used to adjust the fire to 2 minutes or 3 days.