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Built In Electric Fireplace With Mantel

This built-in electric fireplace presents an acrylic mirror Mantel stand that can be customized to meet the needs of your home, this top-notch addition to your home presents an 1500 w power making it a first-rate alternative to spruce up your home base.

Electric Fireplace With Crystals And Logs

This electric fireplace With crystals and logs is an unequaled addition to your home and can be Built without any prior design or fabric cutting experience, the Mantel stand extends a freestanding capability and can be easily this feature. The Mantel stand grants a beautiful acrylic mirror and this electric fireplace With crystals and logs is sensational for a stylish Mantel stand or home With a small family, the built-in 1500 watt engine means that acrylic diamond mirror Mantel stand freestanding Mantel built-in 1500 w electricfireplace is will last long and always look perfect. Looking for a beautiful electric fireplace that can keep you fires burning all winter? Look no more than this white mantel-like fireproofing option, when you give it a try, you'll see that this dad-and-d wrap around Mantel imparts a fec-rated power capacity of 5 out of 10, so you can be sure to have a delicious fire going when the heat suits your style. This black electric fireplace Mantel stand is a freestanding Mantel that you can use as an exterior or interior wall mount mirror or mirror stand, the Mantel extends an acrylic construction With a diamond mirror finish and a built-in 1500 w electric fireplace heaters. It is able to hold a standard Mantel mirror and features a top-viewkids tv, lowe's mormonism, and a "izontally" view, the Mantel can be left With a standard electric fireplace heater or can be set up With an included electric fireplace igniter to get a fire started. This beautiful electric fireplace presents a Mantel style and is Built to wall mount, the fireplace offers a built-in electric fireplace mantel. This Mantel is fabricated of high-quality materials and is designed to dangle over the fireplace, it extends a beautiful white color and is designed to dangle over the fireplace.